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CitiusTech’s Healthcare Technology Consulting Service brings together deep healthcare domain knowledge, process expertise and cutting-edge technology skills to help organizations address some of their most critical business and technology challenges.

CitiusTech focuses on providing an array of technology consulting support across product management, regulatory and product compliance, technology selection, data monetization, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT), big data and BI/analytics to help clients enhance their technology solutions and clinical data assets.

CitiusTech consulting approach includes well-established methodologies and identified best practices to rapidly assess your context and arrive at answers accurately. With professionals from diverse areas of healthcare, technology and consulting, we bring deep industry knowledge and insights for clients’ unique business needs.

CitiusTech Healthcare Technology Practice

Watch how CitiusTech's Healthcare Software Engineering teams give healthcare IT companies the right mix of healthcare domain experience, and the ability to form highly scalable teams, to help address their most critical engineering challenges—quickly and cost effectively.

Healthcare Domain Consulting, Performance Optimization, Security Testing, User Experience Design

CitiusTech Consulting Areas of Focus and Competencies

CitiusTech Consulting Areas of Focus and Competencies

Healthcare Technology Consulting: Approach

CitiusTech Healthcare Consulting team aims to build long-term relationships with the clients to co-create enterprise technology solutions that enables them to achieve desired health outcomes, improved patient care and business goals that matter.

Healthcare Consulting, Healthcare User Experience, Healthcare UX, CitiusTech, Performance Optimization, Security Management

Data strategy implementation

  • Define data and technology requirements in alignment with business goals and outcome
  • Assess the ROI for clients and co-create data requirements
  • Define data ingestion, parsing and cleansing requirements

Readiness and Implementation of regulatory initiatives (e.g. MACRA, MU, etc.)

  • Assess organization readiness for regulatory initiatives and discuss the alternatives available
  • Conduct gap analysis of client’s health IT solutions to align with regulatory programs along with measure selections
  • Work with the product team to prioritize feature list based on business timelines
  • Support clients track and complete certification process

Financial risk modeling optimization

  • Conduct detailed analysis of key risks and incentives in provider/payer contracts
  • Perform forecasting and predictive modeling for budgeting, planning and cost containment
  • Perform cost v/s benefit analysis to determine potential returns against the investments

High-level technology roadmap

  • Recommend key technology choices (on-premise vs. cloud, platform choices, component partners)
  • Validate against best-in-class reference architectures
  • Identify relevant CitiusTech accelerators such as BI-Clinical, H-Scale, etc. to ensure faster delivery cycles for clients

Support for interoperability standards (e.g. HL7 to FHIR)

  • Conduct feasibility analysis
  • Define proof of concepts and work with clients to implement the upgrades
  • Partner with client teams to implement the enhancements/ upgrades
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