Driving Clinical Value Chain Excellence

Managing, optimizing and deriving actionable intelligence from diverse structured and unstructured healthcare data has become more and more challenging, in today’s consumer-driven landscape. To gain true competitive advantage, healthcare organizations need a structured and comprehensive view of the clinical value chain. This involves integrating and managing data, driving value-based performance, leveraging predictive analytics and data science, and building the right set of tools and applications for effective consumer engagement.

At CitiusTech, we focus on driving excellence across the clinical value chain through a combination of specialized healthcare proficiencies and platforms. By focusing on the clinical value chain as an end-to-end paradigm, we enable healthcare organizations to solve complex technology and business challenges, significantly lower costs and improve the quality of care. CitiusTech has identified five strategic segments of the Clinical Value Chain – Data Integration and Interoperability, Data Management (EDW & Big Data), Performance Management (BI/Analytics), Predictive Analytics & Data Science (Embedded Intelligence), Digital Engagement (Mobile & IoT)—that are critical to healthcare organizations today. 


Data Integration & Interoperability 

Integrating data from a variety of clinical systems and making it available when and where it’s needed is critical for achieving cost reduction and quality improvement goals. CitiusTech, with its specialized data integration and interoperability capabilities and strong healthcare domain expertise, enables healthcare enterprise to address their information needs. Key clinical value chain capabilities include:

  • Reference architecture based on best practices – for traditional and cloud-based solutions
  • Strong CitiusTech Interoperability practice and library of standards-based and source-specific adaptors

  • Comprehensive understanding of enterprise integration strategy and EAI platforms

  • In-depth expertise and experience across Interoperability standards – HL7 v2 / v3, EDI X12, CDA, NCPDP, DICOM, LOINC, SNOMED, FHIR

Data Management (EDW & Big Data)

Healthcare organizations today need to build best-in-class capabilities and mature solutions around EDW and big data, to address multiple challenges around data management. CitiusTech’s Data Management capabilities enable healthcare enterprise to design and support architectures, policies, practices and roadmaps, to address their information needs. Key clinical value chain capabilities include:

  • Large BI/DW practice with expertise in master data management, data quality and data governance framework

  • Strong expertise in big data technologies – Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Spark etc., both in cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) and on-premise deployments

  • H-Scale, CitiusTech's healthcare data integration and management platform, helps organizations build confidence in their data and accelerate their data strategies

Performance Management (BI / Analytics)

Healthcare organizations are increasingly focusing on tracking clinical quality to enhance patient outcomes and comply with regulatory needs. CitiusTech enables caregivers and administrators to effectively measure and improve clinical quality measures and deploy solutions to optimize patient outcomes and cost of care. Key clinical value chain capabilities include:

  • BI-Clinical, CitiusTech’s healthcare BI and analytics platform with robust clinical rules engine, pre-built library of 700+ clinical quality measures, flexible self-authoring rules management module

  • SCORE+, CitiusTech’s real-time performance management suite to improve population health, enhance quality scores and accelerate value-based care

  • Strong clinical informatics capabilities to help clients define key performance indicators - clinical, financial and contractual performance

Predictive Analytics & Data Science

Healthcare organizations need to leverage emerging predictive analytics technologies and tools such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to improve patient outcomes, drive efficiencies and discover opportunities to monetize data. CitiusTech’s Predictive Analytics & Data Science capabilities help organizations improve care management practices, reduce operational and financial risks and make better decisions at the point of care. Key clinical value chain capabilities include:

  • CitiusTech Data Science Consulting capabilities with expertise in developing a unified approach for caregivers and administrators to manage clinical quality and performance KPIs

  • CitiusTech Medictiv suite of predictive analytics and Machine Learning tools and services for analyzing large data sets and developing predictive algorithms

  • Comprehensive capabilities around model operationalization to validate client’s existing statistical models and deploy into existing technology stacks and workflows

Digital Engagement (Mobile & IoT)                                              

Effective patient engagement enables caregivers to manage patients outside the provider setting - dramatically improving the cost of care and patient satisfaction. However, organizations need an agile enterprise mobile strategy to leverage innovation in digital and mobile technology and achieve this competitive advantage. CitiusTech helps organizations define the right patient engagement strategy and establish an effective two-way communication channel between the enterprise and consumer world. Key clinical value chain capabilities include:

  • CitiusTech Consulting practice with expertise in defining a unified framework for patient engagement workflows and apps (web, mobile, consumer health and IoT devices)
  • CitiusTech Mobile practice with experience in designing and building patient mobile apps, integrated with enterprise applications
  • Strong digital & UX capabilities to design omnichannel customer engagement platforms for unifying multiple channels of communication used by patients or members 


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