BIC-RMM helps quality and performance management teams build, edit and manage multiple rule types including – CQMs, alerts, cohorts and more

As the industry transitions towards value-based care, healthcare organizations need to not only manage their quality rules well, but also do a good job at managing operational, contractual, even ad-hoc rules and alerts.

BIC- RMM™ is an award-winning solution that gives healthcare organizations the flexibility to build and manage complex quality measures including clinical, operational, financial and ad-hoc rules.


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BIC-RMM has 700+ pre-built KPIs (MIPS / MACRA, HEDIS®, PQRS) as well as custom quality measures to help quality and performance management teams build, edit and manage multiple rule types including – CQMs, alerts, cohorts and more. BIC-RMM has been adopted by several large health systems and leading Blue Cross Blue Shield plans to manage their quality initiatives, lower process turnaround time by up to 40% and improve efficiency by up to 60%. BIC-RMM is helping these organizations take back control of their quality and define their own roadmap to value in the drive towards value-based care.


Key Components

Rules Library

  • 700+ pre-built, out-of-the box rules; edit them to suit your needs or build your own custom rules
  • Comprehensive data model supporting a rich library of clinical concepts

Test Library

  • Real-time rule processing for a single patient or batch to identify data or configuration issues
  • Centralized management of test scenarios and test data 


Release Management

  • Easy troubleshooting by tracking rule configurations through deployment
  • Ability to monitor movement of rules across different development environments


  • Summary view of all measures developed and managed across different groups within the organization 
  • Configurable dashboard to track additional metrics


Key Benefits

Single Source of Truth
Centrally manage clinical data sets, value sets, conditions and rules and view information in a dynamic way
Manage the entire lifecycle of rules, through configuration, editing, testing, and deployment, using an easy-to-use interface

Accuracy & Efficiency
Improve measure correctness significantly with better version control and an automated process that reduces manual errors


Create and reuse value sets, codes, conditions, rules, etc. – enabling faster and more accurate rule creation

Additional Outputs
Extract more intelligence from a rule to operationalize additional workflows within the organization

Measure Traceability
Get a consolidated view of change history, timestamps and associated users across all measures managed by your organization 



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BI-Clinical RMM for a Leading Healthcare Tech Solutions Provider

Learn how a leading healthcare technology organization leveraged BI-Clinical RMM to configure, audit and operationalize standard and custom rules centrally and drive BI/analytics successfully throughout the organization.


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