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Nov 29th – Dec 5th 2020 

We're excited to be a part of RSNA 2020. We take this opportunity to showcase our industry-leading technology solutions and services that are accelerating innovation in the healthcare industry.

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Roundtable Discussion at RSNA 2020

Patient context imaging has fueled the need to explore new standards to integrate patient records with imaging data for better outcomes. The adoption of new interoperable standards supported by ONC rules and regulations makes the implementation more systematic and scalable.

Furthermore, the diagnostic Imaging market has seen continual disruption in technology and significant effort has gone into building intelligent solutions. The focus has been on integrating these solutions to achieve value-based care by minimizing the data exchange hops.

HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard supports this growing clinical need to access patient records and images at the same time. FHIR functions as an API to access clinical information from EHR and integrates with the imaging data seamlessly and can also act as clinical decision support for the clinicians.



About the Speakers


Chris Lindop

Healthcare Systems and
Interoperability Leader


Dr. Nishchit Hegde

Neurosurgeon and Healthcare
Business Advisor

Swanand Prabhutendolkar

Sr. Vice President,
Data Management & Interoperability, CitiusTech


Shujah Dasgupta

Asst. Vice President,
Medical Technology,


Key Learnings

  • Impact of CMS/IPA rules on FHIR adoption
  • Aligning FHIR with existing healthcare interoperability standards 
  • Impact of FHIR adoption on building Intelligent workflows 


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