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In today’s hyper-competitive and fast-changing landscape, healthcare IT teams need to offer superior flexibility and speed - to drive innovation, ensure operational success and satisfy customer demand. Cloud-based deployment models empower healthcare organizations to transform their existing IT environment to an iterative, scalable set of applications and services,  enabling organizations to constantly transform and innovate.

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CitiusTech's Cloud Center-of-Excellence helps healthcare organizations harness the power of Cloud Computing to deliver scalable, cost efficient and high availability solutions. Backed by deep Cloud expertise, mature practices and state-of-the-art Cloud tools, CitiusTech helps organizations deliver  single / multi / hybrid cloud-based enterprise solutions, with complete adherence to regulatory needs (HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC, FedRamp).

CitiusTech helps organizations at various stages of their modernization journey - from digital transformation to cloud assessments for on-prem systems, framework-based cloud migration, cloud native architecture-based cloud engineering, cloud operations and optimization via our Integrated Cloud Suite. Key offerings include:

  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • Cloud Engineering and Enablement
  • Cloud Managed Service Desk


Cloud Consulting Services

CitiusTech is a key enabler in the  digital transformation journey  of healthcare organizations, providing design, build and operationalization capabilities for Cloud native applications. CitiusTech helps define the organization’s Cloud roadmap, identify Cloud and security readiness, rationalize application portfolio and migrate to the Cloud in an optimized, phased manner. Key offerings include:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cost / Benefit / ROI Assessment
  • Cloud Native Architecture Design
  • Migration Framework - Strategy for migrating workloads from on-prem to private / public / hybrid / multi-Cloud


Cloud Engineering & Enablement

CitiusTech leverages global best practices to build cutting edge, scalable, robust, HIPAA-compliant and cost-effective healthcare applications using microservices, IoT, AI, web applications, FHIR-based integration and data analytics. Key offerings include:

  • Cloud agnostic solutions via cloud native application design and development via containers, Kubernetes & serverless technologies
  • Accelerate cloud development with ready to use development starter kits such as Microservices starter kit, pre-built FHIR platform, pre-built IoT platform, pre-built Data Analytics Platform
  • Automated infrastructure setup
  • Automated setup of monitoring and alerting


Cloud Managed Service Desk

CitiusTech Integrated Cloud Suite (ICS) a specialized reporting framework for governance and HIPAA compliance across multiple cloud service providers. Highlights include:

  • Product engineering, application management, migration and Managed Servicedesk with L0 – L4 support
  • Security and risk analysis framework to manage Cloud security and healthcare compliance standards
  • Cloud Optimization – Security, fault tolerance, availability, disaster recovery and multi-tenancy architecture reviewagnostic solutions via cloud native application design and development via containers, Kubernetes and serverless technologies


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