Why CTOs Need Enhanced Imaging Workflows: Emerging Trends and New Interoperability Standards

The healthcare industry has seen a whirlwind of changes in recent years. These changes range from new policies, legislations to novel use cases and innovations in technology. 

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The diagnostic imaging technology market continues to witness a number of trends, which are a move towards patient-centric radiology and value-based imaging. Improving imaging workflow and collaboration can have a significant impact on value-based metrics, patients’ lives, and the bottom line. A recent survey with CHIME cited that improving imaging workflows and collaboration was a CTO’s primary concern and the #1 driver that might get them to invest in IT solutions. Why does workflow and collaboration matter so much?

This webinar explores new trends in medical imaging and the role emerging interoperability standards such as FHIR® and IHE play in adopting cloud and operationalizing AI / ML at scale. The speakers will also share their analysis on the impact of new regulations, such as CMS’ interop rule, on enabling next generation of imaging workflows.


About the Speakers


Chris Lindop,
Health Systems and Interoperability Leader


Shujah Das Gupta,
Asst. Vice President –
Medical Technology Market,



Key Learnings

  • Understand challenges faced due to lack of standardized communication formats and complexity of current standards
  • Explore the value of FHIR® adoption and collaboration with DICOM for achieving better clinical outcomes
  • Gain insights around AI-based approaches, best practices and success stories for successfully adopting FHIR® in your organization